Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow!

It will never be perfect. You could always learn more, read more, be in better shape, prepare yourself better, be a bit better. But, if you are waiting for this perfection, you will never get to do what you want!

“There is always somebody better”- So what?! There is somebody better than them too, and that doesn’t stop them to try and succeed in what they want.

It’s important to find the balance between striving for the best version of yourself and enjoy the other things that you like. Travel! Try new things.. meet new people, be creative, help, love.. NOW! Because it’s not only that NOW is all you have, and neither is because NOW you create your future. It’s because when you have 10 or 15 years more, and you look back, you will regret all the things that you wanted to do but you didn’t. You will regret every moment spent worrying and not having fun.

You will never be younger than now. Don’t waste a day! Don’t wait for perfect conditions! Don’t wait to be better! Don’t wait to earn your happiness! Put on your shoes and take a walk! Take another way, another street! Buy yourself flowers! Make a cake and give it to somebody! Call a friend or call somebody new! Listen to what they are saying! You never know how much they can enrich your moment ..or life. Go dancing! Tell your mother how much you love her and why you love her! Leave your worries at least for a moment and give the meaning to nice things!

Don’t wait for the perfect situation and life without obstacles, because that won’t happen. See life as perfect with all it’s imperfections now and do all that you want NOW!

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