Amazing economic circulation in Amsterdam: joint – supermarket – fast food – joint

Most of the travel lovers include the city of Amsterdam in their where-to-go list with 2 highlights besides a touristic journey. The first one is to discover and observe the Red-Light street and the second one is to ‘smoke a joint’! My friends and I were in Amsterdam, and we noticed how joint contributes the Dutch economy in a positive way when visitors are high and stoned!

If you are a first-time visitor in Amsterdam, probably you will find yourself in the Bulldog café in order to get a joint.

Got your joint! If you are impatient, just start to smoke inside immediately or just in front of the Bulldog and feel the freedom of smoking outside when the Dutch police officers passing by in front of you.

What happens next? After we felt the happiness in our mind and body, as most of the smokers can guess it easily, we started to search for sweets and snacks (as a side effect of smoking joint: HUNGER)

After seeing an abundance in the shopping, we were hungrier than before. Finally, we decide to head to get more snacks and sweets again. Randomly, we were walking on the street and seeing how the supermarkets and fast food restaurants were occupied by high customers who attack food as like zombies.

I do not know, maybe we have got that point so deeply because also we were happy that moment and got into detail thinking in that way. It based on an idea and small observation, nothing to declare for scientific research. Yet, there is a truth that joint contributes the economic circulation. Joint – supermarket – fast food – joint. 


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