Gender Equality and Women Empowerment in Turkey

Even though the world is achieving progress towards gender equality and women’s empowerment day by day, women continue to suffer discrimination and violence almost in every part of the world including Turkey.

I know how ridiculous it is to talk about the role of women in the 21st century. What is the big deal with the role of women in our society? Why do we even talk about it? Yes, you are right…Why do we even waste our energy to talk about the role of women in today’s world as gender equality is everybody’s natural right?

However, most of the women in the world are still struggling  with inequalities when it comes to education, equal pay, decision-making, even in politics, and so forth…

Why Do Women Fight for Gender Equality?

Equality between women and men has to come to an end and everybody should be aware of the fact that gender equality is a fundamental human rights. It is a well-known fact that inequality between gender causes discrimination and domestic violence. That is why, to promote equal economic independence for women and men, to advance gender balance in decision making, to end the gender-based violence and domestic violence, women all around the world have been fighting to gain their gender equality for years.

What about Turkey?

Gender Equality in Turkey

Women living in Turkey still have to cope with the problems derived from the continuation of traditional patriarchal values and male-dominated relations in many aspects of life. Inequality between women and men is caused mostly by a long-established tradition of patriarchy and patriarchal mindset in Turkish society.

According to Euronews report, Turkey is ranked as 130 out of 149 countries in gender equality.

Woman or Girl?

YES. Woman or Girl? This is a big dilemma and one of the most debated issues in Turkish agenda. Most of the people hesitate to adress a woman as -woman ‘‘not to cause a confusion’’, so to speak.  In Turkish language, ‘’hanım’’ or  ‘’bayan’’ (both can be translated as lady or ma’m) is a form of address for women, whereas ‘’kadın’’ (woman) is the gender.

We all know what the dictionary meaning of ‘woman’ stands for. However, the patriarchal tradition of Turkey has tranformed its meaning into a sexist way: Women are addressed as -women if they are married and not virgin any more while the situation is different for unmarried or single women, who are addressed as -girl.

No matter how advanced one’s education level is, the rooted frame of mind on patriarchy and sexism reveals the reality about the role of women in all spheres of the society.

To be continued…


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