Going out in Bassano del Grappa: Nightlife & clubs


Bassano del Grappa is a charming Italian town situated one hour north of Venice, at the foothills of similarly named Mount Grappa. Its old town offers plenty of cultural and foodie attractions which make Bassano and its wooden bridge a destination increasingly popular for Italian and foreign tourists alike.

Not everyone is aware of the fact that Bassano del Grappa is also a nightlife hotspot, with numerous clubs and bars curated in detail that offer a vibrant going out scene. We visited the best of them for one night and came out with a short review.


Every evening in Bassano starts with the traditional “aperitivo”, or happy hour on the bridge, enjoying the sunset’s colors and sipping a glass of Nardini’s signature cocktail, which the historical distillery serves for the democratic price of 2,20€ and gathers a clog of people on the eastern end of Ponte Vecchio. Next to the old bridge is the new bridge, far less charming in its design, but the home of a very interesting restaurant: Hisyou serves fusion Japanese cuisine influenced by Italian ingredients all in a beautiful terrasse on the river. Maybe not the most typical restaurant in town, but the experience of eating sashimi cuts on a buffalo mozzarella base is not to miss. Sicilian red shrimps and the iconic chilly prawns are also good choices.

To help digestion we take a walk in the old town and stop at one of its coolest bars: Palazzo delle Misture is a cocktail bar in a 13th-century building with a very high ceiling. All here is inspired by Italian futurism of the late ‘800: from the menus written in the sophisticated, outdated language to the dozens of special cocktails prepared by crafty barmen.


Some steps down the road, Officina del Gusto is our second favorite spot: of clear indie hipster inspiration, the bar reproduces an Italian wine place of the 50s with vintage telephones and a wide selection of tapas and snack made with local ingredients.

As often the case, a couple of drinks awakened our appetite, and we head toward Al Saiso, renowned for its toasts and club sandwiches as well as the choice of craft beers. This bar’s aesthetics are inspired by a traditional Venetian inn, but the sharpest observers don’t miss some unusual details: around the spaces, in fact, are numerous prints on occult and alchemic themes. If you dare, take the time to investigate the tile composition next to the counter, uncannily named “el mondo roverso” or the world upside down.


Refueled and recharged, we head to a secret club not everyone knows: situated in a narrow alley and frequented by Bassano’s cool kids, Room is a small space serving drinks with DJ’s playing music until late. The hidden club was founded by Renzo Rosso, CEO of fashion brand Diesel, who also lives in Bassano del Grappa.

Foreseeing our visit to Bassano would not have been limited to mineral water, we booked accommodation in the old town to avoid having to drive. Relais nel Castello is one of Bassano’s best Airbnb, situated at the base of the medieval castle and it has been the ideal spot for exploring this town in all comfort.


The morning after, following a well deserved night of sleep and gently awakened by the mountains breeze, we head to Caffé Danieli for a nice brunch in the historic bar’s classy venue.


Italy’s Bassano del Grappa makes for a pleasant city break and offers many cultural and outdoor activities, but this town is also very interesting for clubbing and nightlife: the locals are friendly and approachable and have a good time and a couple drinks are affordable. If you want more information feel free to visit the portal A Day in Bassano to find out more on what to do.

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