Cookies Policy

Cookies Policy

A cookie is information that is saved on your desktop or mobile device when you visit our site ( using desktops and mobile devices. Cookies usually include the names, locations, time, and values of random numbers.

Why are cookies used?

Cookies are used for personalization purposes to make it easier to use, set up, and provide smart advertising display to our users according to their interests and needs.

Internet sites can read and write these cookie files. In doing so, important information is provided to remind you. You are recognized by the cookies and you are provided with a more suitable website. 

Cookies also help to accelerate your future activities on our site. Besides, we can understand how our visitors browse our site. By doing so, we can develop and design the site further. We may also use cookies to collect numeric or statistical information about the use of our site. 

3rd Party Cookies

When you visit our site, our partners, social media and advertising platforms and analytics information collection services and service providers used in our site to provide you a better service, your device can be allowed to save cookies.

How can you control or deactivate cookies?

Most internet browsers are set to accept cookies automatically by default. You can set these settings to block cookies or to alert yourself when a cookie is sent to your device. For more information, visit your browser’s help screen.