Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy and Personal data have been created on to provide you with a better service on any digital platform that serves users.

Some of your information is taken and saved by as one of the conditions for using’s services as a member or a visitor. You can read how this information is obtained and saved.

Any person who approves this text or continues to use the site without approving the text, confirms that it is processed and recorded, either automatically or not, for the use of the Wsagt platform, within the following limits.

During the membership period, if any legal period is stipulated, or during the period specified by Wsagt, allows the data to be processed, stored, saved, analysed, classified, updated and transferred to the country or abroad. Wsagt authorizes the transfer of these data to third parties, business partners or consultants to provide services.

Personal Data 

Personal data is the information that identifies you and this information can be used. The Information you share with Wsagt via the site or in any other way may be covered by your personal data. Examples of personal data might include your first name, last name, date of birth, city or country of residence, gender, e-mail address, telephone number, home address, and your internet protocol (IP) address.

The information we collect; registration information, service data, usage data, device data, location information, cookies.

The Use of Information 

Wsagt might use the information it has obtained to improve its services, to optimize its database and to improve the service provided to its users in accordance with this information. Wsagt might also use this information for application management, security, publicity, research and analysis. No information will be disclosed to the public. The information you share with us is not disclosed to any third party in any way.

Wsagt may use your email address and other contact information to process your account, to contact you if necessary, and to provide information. Wsagt has taken technical and managerial measures to ensure the protection of your personal data by taking care of the storage of your information, as well as the measures taken to ensure the appropriate level of security. However, in the event of unauthorized entry, alteration or deletion of the information stored by Wsagt, Wsagt shall have no obligation to inform the relevant and administrative authorities of the event.

Your information will be forwarded to the relevant authorities in case of a request from the official institutions authorized to request your personal information.

Wsagt has limited access to legal obligations with third party partners, or to employees and business partners who need access to information in terms of the system’s functioning.

Wsagt may share your personal data with public institutions and organizations authorized to request personal data in order to fulfill their obligations under the law.

Wsagt may share information with third parties if it considers that a reasonable disclosure is required where there is a legal power to perform its own conditions, transaction or user security. 

This Privacy Policy can be re-edited and updated as new features are updated on digital platforms. In these cases, you will be informed by our site. This document has been issued on 29.12.2018. If these provisions change, they shall be effective on the date of publication.